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Enthronement of Patriarch Antonios

On the early morning of Sunday, H.H the Pope went to the Virgin's Cathedral in Asmara, H.H and the accompanying delegate arrived there at 8 AM, and after reading a chapter of "Acts of the Apostles", praying the prayer of Thanksgiving and offering the incense around the Altar, the Enthronement Ceremony of the New Patriarch then started.

First: Abune Kirollos, the following Metropolitan in the Holy Synod's Hierarchy, read the Patriarch's Pledge at the presence of H.H the Pope.

Second: The Rev. Eritrean Metropolitans and Bishops read the testimonial recommendation of the New Patriarch addressing it to H.H the Pope.

Third: H.H the Pope officiated the Ordination Prayers, followed by all the other Rev. Coptic and Eritrean Metropolitans and Bishops successively.

Fourth: H.H the Pope placed His hand upon the elected Patriarch's head and prayed. Some of the prayers were said after taking off his black headdress.

Fifth: H.H the Pope uttered the three signs of the cross in the name of the Holy Trinity upon the head of the elected Patriarch saying: "we call you Abune Antoniuos the Patriarch of Eritrea in the name of Father the Son the Holy Spirit, One God Amen, Blessed is the Almighty God, Blessed is His Only Son our God Jesus Christ, Blessed is the Holy Spirit the Parakleet" H.H said the Three Signs of the Cross in Eritrean Language (Tigrinya), Coptic, Arabic and English. Then H.H signed the Priesthood costumes and the Crown with the Cross.

Sixth: when the chanters were singing the hymn of the descent of the Holy Spirit (Pi Epnevma Emparakliton) H.H the Pope began dressing the New Patriarch (Abune Antoniuos I) with the Priesthood Service Costume.

Seventh: H.H the Pope went up the Apostolic Seat then He dressed the New Patriarch with the Cope and enthroned Him with the Patriarchal Crown among joy and Cheers of everyone.

Eighth: H.H the Pope made the New Patriarch sit on His Seat saying," we seat you Abune Antoniuos as a Patriarch for Eritrea in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen…"

Ninth: H.H the Pope decorated the New Patriarch with a Cross and an Icon on his chest, gave him a hand Cross as a blessing.

Tenth: H.H the Pope held a new Pastoral Staff in His hand and said to the New Patriarch "here you are, take the Pastoral Staff from God who confined you with His flock and from your hands He demands their blood". H.H then gave the Pastoral Staff of the Orthodox Church in Eritrea to Abune Antoniuos I, He kissed him with the Apostolic kiss congratulating him on the Blessed Gift which he was granted by God at the hands of H.H, who is considered the Successor of St. Mark the Apostle. H.H the Pope then left, and the New Patriarch officiated the Liturgy Prayer with His Metropolitans and Bishops and also with Their Grace of the Coptic Delegate: Bishop Bachomious, Bishop Sarabamoon, also Bishop Metaous and Bishop Youanes who both joined them as well. The State's VIPs and the Foreign Ambassadors attended the Enthronement and the Anointing Ceremony.


El-Keraza Magazine  

Editor-in-chief: His Holiness Pope Shenouda III


Friday 7th May 2004

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