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The East Coast youth retreat was held in Virginia from Thursday, July 6 to Sunday, July 9, 2023. We are grateful to God that the retreat was a success and achieved its intended goals. During the retreat, the youths had the chance to engage in spiritual reflection, gain knowledge about their church, and establish meaningful connections with one another. The retreat featured indoor and outdoor adventures, creating lasting memories.

May God's blessings be upon our youth and the Church as a whole. 

The youth retreat organized by the Canonical Eritrean Orthodox Church on the West Coast was held from Friday, June 30 to July 3, 2023, at the University of Oregon campus. It proved to be a gratifying experience for everyone who participated. Over 300 youths participated at this retreat.

This retreat allowed the youth to reflect on their spiritual life, learn about their church, and forge connections with each other. Furthermore, the retreat included adventurous activities that created lasting memories.

The upcoming East Coast youth retreat also is scheduled to take place from Thursday, July 6 to July 9, 2023, in Virginia. As we prepare for this event, we pray to God for a successful event and the fulfillment of its intended purpose. Around 200 youths are expected to participated at this retreat.

May God's blessings extend to our youth and the Church.




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