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Delegation of the Diocese met H.H. Karekin II, Patriarch of Armenian Church

Delegation of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Diocese of North America met His Holiness Karekin II, Patriarch and Catholicos of Armenia on October 26-27, 2007 in Minnesota, MN. At the meeting, the Diocese’s Delegation briefed H.H. Karekin II and conference participants the current situation of the Eritrean Orthodox Church.
His Holiness Karekin II articulated to the delegation of the Diocese how dismayed he is by the unlawful removal of H. H. Antonious, the legal Patriarch of Eritrea.

Furthermore, His Holiness Karekin II encouraged the delegation that the Armenian Church recognizes no other Patriarch but His Holiness Patriarch Antonious, the legal Patriarch of Eritrea. His Holiness promised that in accord to the Canon and Law of the Church, he will do his best to reverse the unlawful removal of the legal Patriarch H. H. Antonious.

His Holiness, Patriarch Karekin II reiterated that the Armenian Church remains by the Diocese’s stand and will remember H.H. Patriarch Antonious in its prayer.

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