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As to the scriptures, “There is a time for everything” Ecc 3:1. In our Orthodox Church there are seasons set for fasting. One of these seasons is the Great fast; also known as ዓቢይ ጾም in our Church language. 

Gravity keeps everything in its own place. Fire climbs up, while a stone goes down. Elements that are not in their own place are restless until they find it.
This applies also to us. My weight is my love; wherever I go, I am driven by it. By the love of God we catch fire ourselves and, by moving up, find our place and our rest. 
Prayer. Come, Lord, into my soul, which you have prepared for your own reception by inspiring in me a longing for your goodness.

Crucifixion was an ancient form of capital punishment. It was degrading, humiliating, and caused agonizing pain. Ultimately the HOLY CROSS symbolized absolute failure and death. Due to its barbaric nature, crucifixion was reserved for the lowliest of criminals: the slaves' death or the murderers' punishment. Today, many still look upon the HOLY CROSS with profound horror as a cruel way to inflict punishment or bring about death.

Weariness is like the weather-it affects everyone, and there's no escape from it. It hits us all, at least occasionally, and sometimes it enshrouds us like a wet blanket. It's rarely any fun, but it can have a redemptive value. It doesn't have to be utterly frustrating, for it can be sanctifying.

During the period of fasting it is appropriate that you practice self-control as well as the control of your body.

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A Message from H.G. bishop Mekarios

መጸናንዒ ቃል ብብጹእ ኣቡነ መቃርዮስ

ኦርቶዶክሳዊት ቤተ ክርስቲያን ተዋህዶ ብኸመይ