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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God: Amen

This year’s youth Retreat composed of priests, parents and youth from the Seattle WA, Oakland CA, Portland OR, and Vancouver Canada churches.

There were 154 participants in total learning about different pressing youth issues. Some of these topics were: what does it mean to be a Christian Orthodox Youth in the Western world? What are the benefits of following Christ? How do you lay down the foundation to a successful orthodox and Christ focused marriage? How does our faith impact our career paths? Etc. Apart from the structured lectures on these topics, there were evening panel discussions that allowed youth to ask questions openly to deacon leaders. Youth in these panel discussions were separated by age which showed to be effective. This year’s youth retreat was mainly organized by young college students of our orthodox faith with the help and guidance of church fathers as well as parents.

Additionally, we started a one year project of learning an English version of our Geez Liturgy. The hope is that youth and church fathers would collaborate over the course of the year on this project and by the next retreat we will be able to hold liturgy in English.

It is a blessing and an honor to be able to witness how hungry our youth are for the word of God. As a church without youth is a church with no hope, we are grateful to have young people who are invested in faith.

May God bless our church and give our people the light of hope. May the lord bless Eritrea and America.

May the peace of the lord be with us all.


May God protect His Holiness Patriarch Abune Antonios and bless his Grace Bishop Makarius. Amen!

Deacon Filimon Ghebre-tinsae.

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A Message from H.G. bishop Mekarios

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