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"TEWAHDO" magazine is the official magazine of the Eritrean Orthodox Church Sub diocese of USA and Canada. This is just one of several projects underway in efforts to revitalize and unified the local churches in the USA & Canada. This publication is produced entirely by the Education & Literature team, under the Eritrean Orthodox Church Sub diocese of USA and Canada.

"Tewahdo" magazine is to serve not only as a communications tool, but also as a venue for the local churches to express their active role and help each others.

Among the features proposed for the "Tewahdo" magazine are: Spiritual Messages, Church news, weekly bible reading, interviews, Youth Contributions, Questions and Answers, and Current Events.

We ask your active participation and earnest prayers so that "Tewahdo" magazine may quickly and continually grow in its scope, function, and mission.

We encourage each one of you to get involved and contribute to "Tewahdo" magazine in anyway possible. This is your magazine; so feel free to submit contributions or send any comments, suggestions, or requests to us:


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